Financial Planning

Thorough Financial Planning that Covers Your Range

What makes my level of financial planning unique is my comprehensive approach. I help coordinate all the pieces of your financial picture, consulting with you on in-depth issues that could affect you and your loved ones. It all starts with getting to know you & your needs, your goals, your values. Using this knowledge as a foundation, we determine appropriate strategies designed to meet your objectives.

Managing Wealth

First, we will discuss your current investments and insurance coverages, making sure each is consistent with the goals we’ve established. I can recommend alternatives to help you build your wealth conservatively over time, while taking into account your current cash flow needs.

Preserving Wealth

To shield your wealth from inflation and minimize investment risk where possible, we will diversify your portfolio over a range of industries, capitalization sizes and asset classes. We will also make sure you are adequately covered by a comprehensive yet cost-effective insurance program that includes life, disability, long-term care and liability.

Enjoying Income

When focusing on long-term planning, we want to make sure your wealth will be able to one day generate the appropriate amount of income. Based on your expected future cash flow needs, we’ll develop a retirement savings plan to help provide steady income for the years when you’ll need it. I can also offer helpful advice on stock options, business succession planning, charitable gifting, as well as gifting to children and other descendants.

Transferring Wealth

It is also reassuring to know your wealth will eventually be passed on to your heirs in accordance with your wishes. We will outline a detailed plan to ensure a smooth transfer of assets to your beneficiaries, using strategies to minimize taxes where possible so the financial security you’ve worked for can remain intact for future generations as well.